Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Simplicity and my mom

I saw this on a random blog, and I feel the need to copy it...

"My quest to recapture the simplicity of yesterday and apply it to today."

This could be my real intent in making this blog...well, honestly, my real intent is that I like designing things and I thought it would be cool to design a blog.  Did that.  Now wait...I need to write in it huh? Well, I will try to make this my intent- to write the very simple things of my life and apply them.  I feel like pretty much everything that happens in my life is pretty simple, so maybe that's why I find writing about it fairly difficult.  What is there to write about?  But, I am thinking that even the simplest things in life can be the most applicable...

Guess what guys? It was my mom's bday yesterday!!!!!!!! woot woot! This picture below is in honor of her.  I have the BEST mom in the world, hand down.